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About SK Hair Studio

SK Hair Studio offers cutting, styling and coloring and salon services in South Florida since 2005.  As part of the competitive and constantly evolving hair and beauty industry, SK Hair Studio strives to  stay up to date with the newest hair care and styles and have you walking out as a new person.


✄  Our Services 

Japanese Straightening Perm (Korean Magic Straight Perm)

Japanese straightening is a permanent straightening process that promises pin-straight hair while maintaining health and shine. Check out all the positive reviews from Yelp on our Japanese straightening perm.

Digital Perm

Digital perm gives you the option to transform straight hair into gorgeous, wavy locks. Only salon with Digital perm machine in South Florida.

Hair Cuts (Men & Women)

We will carry out a thorough consultation with you to assess your hair texture, condition, face shape and skin tone before designing a personalized style to suit you.

Coloring (Hair Manicure)

Hair manicure is made of silicon without any chemical inside. It protects your hair from the damage and will make the hair shiny and soft.

Wave Perm

Wave perm creates more volume using natural and more soft looks without really creating an defined curls. It  is more suitable for ladies with thin and damaged hair.

Setting Perm

Setting perm uses the latest innovative ceramic technology. Your hair cuticles are protected from the extremity of heat and removes the risks for damaging spot and frizz

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